About app

Application DeskBell will help you be guided quickly, easily and comfortably in the hotel you have checked in. You needn’t use books describing hotels options. All the information you inquire will be shown in the handy application in your mobile telephone.

Simple navigation system

Navigation won’t let you miss a single event or a venue.


Automated obtaining of all the relevant updated information refereing the events in the hotel and nearby.


All the hotel services and offers in a pocket.

Restaurants and bars

The full information about hotel services.


Application functions at iOS and Android systems.


A complete list of activities in your hotel.

Intercourse in the hotel

You can be in touch with our other customers within the hotel. For this purpose we have designed and applied the chat.

Communicate, catch up and spend time together, discuss the news, now it is much easier to make a crew at rest.


Urgency of information

Hotel’s data update in real time via the service DeskBell, to do this you will only have to set one or two options of the hotel and in a few minutes you will get the latest data in your application.

Modern technology

We use advanced techologies and support over 85 per cent of mobile market in the world.

Our service maintains several languages which makes it handy in any country of the world.

Saving time

Now there is no need to constantly update data, look through the booklets and search for the right information, our app will make it possible to take a review of the most current hotel’s data and events.

Maximum benefit

The more you know about the hotel the more comfortable it is to stay there. You will be fully informed about all the available treats and entertainment of the hotel.

Over 1,000,000 hotels
all around the world